Thursday, January 5, 2017

Study abroad: Moscow Region State University Opportunities

Alexey Yudin, the director, and one of MGOU's English instructors, Mikhail Mamaev, invite applicants to their summer programs: three weeks of studying either Russian (as a foreign language) or Geography & Ecology. The Geography and Ecology program has separate contingents- one with instruction in English and the other with instruction in German - and includes field trips to the Smolensk forest and sites near Moscow.

Dr Yudin hosts students from Europe, Asia, and Africa, with especially large numbers from Germany, China, and Pakistan- but no students, yet, from the United States. He hopes that Americans studying Russian or science will investigate MGOU's programs.

Dr Yudin also invites faculty members to join him in direct collaboration- visiting professorships at MGOU, joint work on methods of teaching Russian to non-native speakers, working with special needs students in schools and universities, continuing professional development, and Webinars.

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