Friday, May 5, 2017


Deadline: June 1, 2017

School of Advanced Studies, University of Tyumen (
26-28 May 2017

The second annual Humanities and Social Sciences Landscape forum will be devoted to the notion of truth in its historical and disciplinary dimensions. We plan to discuss a number of general problems and to zoom in on the case of the Russian Revolution.

We invite scholars from different disciplines to reflect on the following set of interrelated issues:

- Modernist truth vs. “post-truth”. How does the dominant notion of truth – if such a thing exists in a society – change over time?
-Different disciplines in social sciences and the humanities operate with different notions of truth. How do these notions relate to and influence each other and how do they evolve over time?
-The “truth of the Russian Revolution” has changed repeatedly over time. Was it a purely political phenomenon or are there any epistemological foundations underlying these changes?
-It has been claimed that the Russian Revolution and the subsequent development of socialist world transformed the basic notions of truth in politics, history, anthropology and culture. The global collapse of socialism transformed them again. How can these paradigm shifts be described from different disciplinary perspectives?

Please, submit a 200-word abstract of your paper and a full CV to We will begin reviewing the submissions immediately. We should be able to cover travel expenses of the forum participants.

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