Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Language Programs: Innovative Online 2nd-semester Summer Russian Course through the U of Oklahoma

Deadline: ASAP

If any of students are seeking a 2nd-semester Russian course this summer, please consider RUSS 1225 course at the University of Oklahoma. This course runs June 5- July 18 and confers five credit hours. It covers chapters 9-16 of Beginner’s Russian, by Kudyma, Miller, and Kagan.

The course is offered simultaneously in person and online: students on campus come to class for traditional delivery of 2nd-semester Russian; students elsewhere participate virtually through Google Hangouts. This is an innovative course in that unlike many online courses, this one allows online students to participate in speaking activities with the whole group. The students and instructor can all see and hear one another and can communicate as though they're in the room together.

We would be delighted to have your students in the course! Please encourage them to contact me at without delay.

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