Monday, February 19, 2018

CFA: ESL American Home’s American English Program


Applications for ESL teaching positions with the American Home’s American English Program are being accepted through March 1, 2018 (!

The American English Program has been people in Vladimir, Russia, to learn English since 1992 and currently has more than 600 students each semester who are taught by 10 American and 4 Russian teachers.

PROGRAM BENEFITS: monthly stipend, room and board with a Russian family, three hours per week of one-to-one Russian lessons with experienced instructors, thorough teacherorientation and ongoing teaching support from 2 full-time teacher supervisors, textbooks customized specifically for our program, a pleasant and well-equipped teaching environment, full Russian visa application support, complete onsite administrative support from an excellent Russian staff, and much more.

TEACHER OBLIGATIONS: Plan and teach four (possibly 5) 1½ hour classes that meet twice a week, hold office hours, present a brief “Saturday lecture” on any aspect of American culture, airfare to and from Moscow, visa fee, obtain TESOL certification.

Gain an enormous amount of real-world experience that can translate into opportunities that would otherwise not be available.  Some teachers stay for more than one year.  For many, the experience is life-changing.  Several of the current teachers share some of their experiences in the short videos below.


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